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Soap: Is it a Gift or a Grocery?

on February 23, 2017

Soap.  Everyone uses it on a daily basis (we hope).  Soap is always found in grocery stores and is often on our “grocery” list when we need to remember to buy more.  So, is it appropriate to buy soap for a gift?

Let me ask another question.  Is coffee a gift or a grocery?  Coffee, like soap, is something people use or consume daily and it is often purchased from a grocery store.  I love good coffee.  Since I only drink a (large) cup each day, I want my cup to taste great.  It’s a good way to start the day.  So, I don’t skimp on my coffee beans.  I buy the good stuff.  It’s more expensive than the store brand or a large commercial brand, but it’s a small luxury that I enjoy.  If someone gives me a bag of coffee beans or a gift card to a coffee shop, I’m excited because now I get to enjoy my cup of coffee as a gift.

Soap, is like coffee.  You can buy the cheap stuff.  It will clean your skin, just like a cheap cup of coffee will get caffeine into your system.  But though it will get the job done, it won’t be as enjoyable as it would be if you’d bought the good stuff.   But that is where the coffee-soap analogy ends.  Because, while a cheap cup of coffee will not affect you negatively (other than offend your taste buds), a cheap bar of soap will not feel as good or be as healthy for your skin as a bar of Sweet Mamas goat milk soap.  Our soap, though it costs more than a commercial bar of soap (which is often more a detergent than a soap, but that’s a topic for another discussion), it does more than just clean your skin.  Sweet Mamas goat milk soap contains vitamin rich goat milk, creamy, moisturizing raw shea butter, and mineral-rich, pore cleaning clays.  So, washing with Sweet Mamas goat milk soap will not only clean your skin, but moisturize it.  And, clean, moisturized skin is healthy skin.  It looks younger because it’s not dried out.  It minimizes acne because your skin is not producing extra oil to compensate for the de-greasing and oil stripping effects of cheap soap.

So, go ahead and give someone the gift of healthy skin by introducing them to Sweet Mamas goat milk soap.  They will thank you each time they wash and their skin feels healthy and smooth.   And who knows, maybe someone will return the favor!

adminSoap: Is it a Gift or a Grocery?

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