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After the Farmer’s Market – What’s Next?

on September 15, 2017

While fall does not officially start until next week, this morning I started a fire in our wood stove.   The chilly morning marks the end of summer and the beginning of fall in our home.  In addition, this Saturday (September 16) is the final Farmer’s Market of 2017, at Northwest Crossing.  While last Saturday the temperature was hot, I anticipate much cooler temps tomorrow.   When the market closes tomorrow, you may be wondering where you can buy great goat milk soap!   You have three options:  online, two local shops, or wait for holiday markets.  (With 2 shops that is kind of like four options!)

By far, the easiest option for you is our online store ( where you have access to all our products except lotion.  This is most convenient as you can shop from the comfort of your home or office and have your products delivered to your door!  If you don’t want to pay for shipping, you can order over $50 (buy in bulk), or you can email me your order (  I will get your order ready, and let you know when you can pick it up from my house.   I live about 2.5 miles southeast of Costco, and since EVERYONE shops at Costco, it’s pretty convenient.

The two local shops currently carrying our products are:  Central Oregon Locavore and Cosa Cura.  Central Oregon Locavore is located at 1841 NE Third St.  (near Revere, across from Albertsons).  Cosa Cura is located at 910 NW Harriman (on the corner of NW Harriman and Greenwood, downtown, Bend).  I recommend calling ahead if you are looking for a particular soap scent or product to be sure you do not waste a trip.  If you prefer to shop at one of these stores and the item you want is not in stock, email me and I will take it down there for you.

The final option is to wait for holiday markets which start the first Saturday of November.  In October, I will post a list of the holiday markets I will be attending.

However you heat your home in our high desert climate, without proper care, your skin will become dry and itchy.  Sweet Mamas Goat Milk Soap is made with butterfat-rich goat milk, moisturizing shea butter, and cleansing clays that will make a HUGE difference in the way your skin feels.  It is great for young skin, aged skin, and even sensitive skin.

Johnny and I thank you, our friends and supporters, for a great summer season.  Thanks for stopping by our booth to say, “Hi”. Your smile made our day.

We wish you a blessed fall season!

Kim TatumAfter the Farmer’s Market – What’s Next?

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