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Our family moved from a city lot to a home with 5 acres of pasture grass in 2011.  We knew nothing about maintaining a pasture or farm animals.  However, we did know that none of us wanted to spend several hours a month mowing the pasture.  So, we bought living lawn mowers from a friend of a friend.  Knowing nothing about raising goats we let them all graze and live together – two females, one intact male, and three wethers (castrated males).  Guess what happened?  Yep, before long, our girls started looking a little wider and several weeks later, babies arrived and we fell in love!   That is how we got into raising goats!   Wanting to experience farm life we let the babies grow up nursing from their moms while we watched videos on how to milk a goat.  Now that we were collecting fresh goat milk daily, we began considering what it could be used for besides drinking.

We kept hearing about the moisturizing benefits of homemade goat milk soap.  I was especially interested because it is recommended for people with sensitive skin as it cleans without stripping the skin of beneficial oils which can exacerbate already dry and itchy skin, which due to allergies, eczema, and atopic dermatitis, describes me.  Being a girl who loves homemade beauty treatments (like conditioning hair masks made of mayo and eggs!), making my own soap using milk from our sweet [goat] mamas sounded exciting.  I watched instructional videos, read books and articles, and compared recipes before I, bit the bullet as they say, and made my first batch of soap.  The four week curing time was a bear to wait through, but it was worth it.  I could not believe how moisturizing and creamy the lather felt.  I was so excited that I had to share the soap with friends and family.  They all loved it too!  Liking to personalize and tweek food recipes to make them healthier – yet still sinfully delicious – I was not content to stick with using someone else’s recipe.  I wanted a recipe that was my own —  choosing ingredients based on their beneficial properties.  As I researched and experimented, I came up with a soap recipe that makes a very creamy and moisturizing bar of soap that cleans without de-greasing.  And the foundation of Sweet Mamas Soaps & More was laid.

Now that we were lathering up with homemade soap, it made me wonder about the commercial lotion we were rubbing into our body.  What good was it to wash with natural ingredients if we were going to follow it by rubbing in chemicals?  So started my research into lotion-making, lip balms, then herbal balms, and lotion bars – the “& More”.

Thank you for visiting our website.  We truly hope you enjoy using  Sweet Mamas Soaps & More skincare as much as we do.

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