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Goat Babies!

on June 14, 2017

The “sweet mamas” referred to in our name, “Sweet Mamas Soap Co.”, are our goat-mamas.   One of our sweet mamas, Cleo, gave birth on Friday, June 2, to three healthy babies:  two bucks and one doe.  The doeling is the runt of the group.  All three milked from mama for 8 days before we led mama back to the pasture so we could bottle feed her babies.  Bottle feeding makes them pet friendly as they learn that people are “good” and not something to run away from.  The first couple of days we had to chase them until we could corner and catch them to feed them.  It’s been 3 days, and they are starting to timidly approach us, which is nice.  Pet friendly goats are like dogs:  they will love their human caretaker unconditionally; and they are easier to take care of because they allow you to trim their hooves and administer care when they are sick or injured.  However, bottle feeding is time consuming.  We feed every 3-4 hours starting around 8 am until about 8-9 pm.  Both Cleo (the mom) and Spike (the dad) are registered Nigerian dwarf goats, so the babies are able to be registered.  Since Spike is our only buck, we will be selling all the babies (we don’t want to breed goats that are so closely related).  If interested, please email us at:  They will be listed on Craigslist after they are dis-budded.   Thanks!


Kim TatumGoat Babies!

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